0.13.0 released!

A new release is now available on the Google Play Store! This release is a major release with many new features and improvements.

Note that the LAN and Bluetooth modes are not compatible with previous releases.

Get it on Google PlayGet it on Google Play


- 5 levels: 1×4, 1×5, 1×6, 1×7, 1×8
- Theme: Black (black background, black cards, black selectors, …)
- Random card rotation on board
- Settings for players
- Fast player swaping
- Settings for bots (names and speed)
- Give up a game
- Improved preferences screens
- Sending of application Play Store link by e-mail, SMS, …
- Links to Google Play and official Facebook and Google+ pages
- Minor changes in navigation
- Fix some bugs (chance calculation, blackout challenge)


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